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The word "tankard" originally meant any wooden vessel (13th century) and later came to mean a drinking vessel. . The earliest tankards were made of wooden staves, similar to a barrel, and did not have lids. A 2000 year old wooden tankard of approximately four pint capacity has been unearthed in Wales.

Metal tankards are often sometimes with glass bottoms. The legend (but a myth) is that the glass bottomed tankard was developed as a way of refusing the King's shilling, i.e. conscription into the British army or navy. The drinker could see the coin in the bottom of the glass and refuse the drink, thereby avoiding conscription.

In a bar fight, the first punch was thrown while the recipient had the tankard raised to his mouth; another legend has it that the glass bottom was implemented so as to see the attack coming.

A further story is that the glass bottom merely allowed the drinker to judge the clarity of their drink while forgoing the expense of a fragile pint glass.

Metal and ceramic tankards are still manufactured, but are regarded as speciality or novelty items. Modern metal tankards are often engraved to commemorate some occasion.

Pewter is an ageless metal and is the fourth most valuable metal in normal use today. Today The British Standard guarantees a minimum of 90% tin with small amounts of Antimony and Copper. Pewter is the ideal drinking vessel as it does not taint the drink. 

The Tankard is the Traditional drinking vessel for beer and the pewter  goblets enhance the taste of wine.